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School Policies

Cancellation Policy

If child (ren) needs to be absent for a class for any reason, parents must notify The Artist Lab at least 2 hours in advance, by calling, leaving a voice message, text message, or by WeChat.

Make-up Policy

1 Month Package/4 classes: no make-up classes

Any absences will count as No Show, which will result in deducting classes from the 1 month class package.


3 Month Package/ 12 classes: 1 make-up class

Makeup class will only be issued if parents give the Artist Lab at least 2 hours advance notice that child(ren) will be absent from class. If parent fail to give the Artist Lab a 2 hour advance notice, there will be no make-up class issued and instead any absences will count as No Show, which will result in deducting classes from the 3 month class package.

Class Change Policy

Switching different Class Types

Switching different types of classes might be available, space permitting, with a $35 Processing fee, at least 48 hours before rescheduled class start date.


Switching Class Time for the Same Type of Class

Switching class time for the same type of class might be available, space permitting, with no Processing fee, at least 48 hours before rescheduled class start date.

Return & Refund Policy

All Presale, Discount, and Early Enrollment classes and Camp purchases are final sale and cannot be refunded or exchanged, with no exceptions.


All Regular-priced classes and Camp purchases can be returned for a refund of class tuition minus the $35 transaction fee within 3 days of purchase.


All regular-priced classes and Camp purchases can be returned for partial refund of 80% of class tuition minus $35 transaction fee after 3 days of purchase but before their class package begins


All Classes and Camps are final sale and cannot be refunded or exchanged, with no exceptions after the first class is in use. All unused classes and hours remaining in the class package are not exchangeable for other classes, camps, or other special events. No price adjustment will be issued for any packages.

All Classes and Camps purchased during Covid-19 (and it’s variants) pandemic will not be subject to refunds under no circumstances. Instead, Classes and Camps may be put on hold with management’s permission.

Symptom Removal Policy

The symptoms below qualify for the Artist Lab or their employees or any involved parties to remove child (ren) from the classroom which will result in sending children home early. If child (ren) displays any of these symptoms, parent should not bring them to the Artist Lab.


  • Fever, defined as having a temperature of 100°F or higher taken on the forehead (a child needs to be fever free for a minimum of 24 hours before returning to school, that means the child is fever free without the aid of Tylenol®, or any other fever reducing substance.)


  • Fever AND sore throat, rash, vomiting, diarrhea, earache, irritability, or confusion.


  • Frequent scratching of the body or scalp, lice, rash, or any other spots that resemble childhood diseases, including ringworm.


  • Is irritable, continuously crying, or requires more attention than we can provide without hurting the health, safety or well-being of the other children in our care.

Registration Fee

A registration fee will be required by all new families who join The Artist Lab starting January 10, 2024. The registration fee is to assist The Artist Lab with various administrative tasks involved with student enrollment.


  • The registration fee pertains to families registering for classes at The Artist Lab. It encompasses service fees associated with all class registrations, inclusive of a singular, one-time gift(s).

  • The registration fee does not apply to students who have joined our studio prior and are currently active as of 1/10/2024. Registration fee may apply in certain circumstances, see below.

  • The registration fee remains valid exclusively for presently enrolled and actively participating students. In the event that a student or family refrains from attending classes and remains inactive for a duration exceeding 3 months from the last class visit, re-registration with a new registration fee is mandatory. This policy only applies to the school year between Fall-Spring semester, the Summer season is excluded from this policy.

  • The registration fee is categorically non-refundable, and no exceptions will be entertained.

Masks in The Artist Lab

Masks not required

Face coverings are not required, but encouraged should an individual need to feel safe. Our staff are all vaccinated and care for your student's well-being. Disposable masks are on premises for your use, should you need them.

Little Artists creating 3D art at The Artist Lab

Late Pickup

After class has been completed, please pick up your student within 15 minutes of class end. Should a student remain at our studio in excess. We will be required to charge the parent $1/min for every minute over this grace period. We are responsible for your child as long as they are within our studio space.

COVID precautions at The Artist Lab

Project-based Classes

If your course is project-based. This means that the course is finished once the project is completed. These courses may be subject to early cancellation due to the completion of said project.

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