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Portfolio Preparation

For students who are interested in strengthening their artistic skills and pursuing art in the future. From 6th grade and up, we help prepare students with the technical and conceptual skills needed to progress. We have varying levels of Portfolio classes to suit different skills/age levels.

Introductory Fine Art Portfolio

This is a comprehensive course designed to provide students with a strong foundation in drawing skills and sketching techniques by exploring a range of genres and concepts in drawing. Drawing has become the basis and embodiment of various genres, including still life, landscape, abstraction and more.  Students will have the chance to explore various mediums to execute their vision with graphite, color pencils, pastels and charcoal. In this course, students will gain insights into the importance of value, composition, contrast, and other essential elements that make your drawings visually compelling. Drawing is not only a skill; it's a way of seeing the world differently. Students will learn how to observe and appreciate the finer details in their surroundings, enabling them to translate what they see onto their art with finesse.

Supplementary Fine Art Portfolio

One of the core objectives of this course is to help students express their ideas and emotions through art. Whether it's creating a self-portrait or developing their own unique characters, they will learn how to translate their thoughts and stories into visual narratives. In this course students work on the concept to make it reality whether it is 3D sculpture, a painting, illustrated work of art or mixed media.

Advanced Fine Art Portfolio

This course is for motivated students who are looking to refine their art portfolio and skills. These students have a clearer vision for their own artistic voice and want to create well executed pieces for college application/ professional development

Digital Art Portfolio

Digital Art Portfolio course guides students through the process of developing a competitive portfolio for top art schools and jobs in the games industry. This course covers all areas of design and is tailored to coincide with the individual’s own story and ideas.

Students will gain insight into the entertainment art industry while working with digital software such as Photoshop, Procreate, and more. They will also be trained on how to visualize the original concepts into a finished art form. 

This course is for students with basic knowledge of how to use digital tools. Students will create digital artworks including; Keyframe illustrations, storyboards, digital portrait, environment design, character design, and more.

Class Syllabus

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