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Intense Foundation Studies
(OCSA Prep)

Grades 3rd-8th (Ages 8-13)

About the Class

Intense Foundation Studies focuses on growing students skills and understanding of drawing, shape, design, color theory, value, and attention to detail. The class covers different skill building exercises, projects that support and grow capabilities before and after working on their OSCA assigned projects.


This class focuses on proper use of materials, perspective, value, and creating thoughtful and creative artwork. Teachers will help guide students while they work on their OCSA assigned projects.


Course Objectives/ skills:

  • Composition Structuring

  • Observational Skills

  • Creative thinking and problem solving

  • Prompt understanding & development

IIntense Foundation Studies 著重培養學生對繪畫、形狀、設計、色彩理論、黑白灰關繫和對細節的關注的技能和理解。該課程涵蓋了不同的技能培養練習、在完成OSCA指定項目前後支持和提高能力的項目


本課程的重點是正確使用材料、透視、黑白灰關繫,以及創造深思熟慮和富有創意的藝術品。教師將協助指導學生完成 OCSA 指定的作品。



  • 構圖結構

  • 觀察技能

  • 創造性思考和解決問題

  • 主題理解 & 髮展

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Available in English and Chinese


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