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3D Sculpting and Modeling

Grade 3rd-12th (Age 8-17)

About the Class

3D Sculpting and Modeling is an introduction to the world of 3d image and model construction. Using the program Nomad Sculpt, students learn the controls and principles of 3d modeling through simple and creative projects, with potential for 3D printing.


This class is ideal for students interested in the challenging world of sculpting and modeling, and only requires a base knowledge of iPads to participate.


Course Objectives/skills:

  • Controls and User Interface

  • Re-meshing and Resolution

  • Mask Brushes and Dynamic Sculpting

  • Materials and Texture Painting

  • Hard Surface and Organic Sculpting

3D Sculpting and Modeling 介紹了 3D 圖像和模型構建的世界。使用 Nomad Sculpt 程序,學生可以透過簡單且富有創意的專案學習 3D 建模的控製和原理,並具有 3D 打印的潛力。


本課程非常適合對雕塑和建模的挑戰性世界感興趣的學生,隻需具備 iPad 的基礎知識即可參加。



  • 設置和使用者介麵

  • 重新網格劃分和分辨率

  • 蒙版畫筆和動態雕刻

  • 材質和紋理繪畫

  • 硬表麵和生物雕刻

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Available in English and Chinese


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